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Music for worship
Top-down or bottom-up? Might our "big" mentality of church music be harmful? Let us put the "small church" uppermost. For World Church Music Symposium, 1998.
How long O Lord, will we forget? Recovering the Psalms into church worship. Published: Worship Live, Autumn 1998, Stainer & Bell.
Leading worship songs from the piano Hints for contemporary styles.  
Music Team guidelines A possible set of guidelines for a church music team. Drafted for our music team at St. John's Church, Nevilles Cross, Durham, 1997
Miscellany: Science, biblical interpretation, ...
Creationism and bar-room lust Debunking the anti-biblical quack-scientism of "creationism", from a literary (rather than literal) perspective.  
Creation ordering How the writers and editors of Genesis understood the world. Their science, not ours. Evolution and modern science are far more biblical than supposedly "biblical" young-earth creationism. "Literal" reading of Gen:1-11 is literally and literarily unbiblical, verging on anti-biblical.
Resurrection Song of Songs Song of Songs, and Mary Magedelene meeting the risen Jesus.