Over the darkness (God of creation)

1. Over the darkness, the waste and the waters, God, you spoke order; your breath danced and weaved. Piercing the chaos, your voice sang creation: "Let there be light", and the light came to be. God of creation, our joy, our delight; God, our protector by day and by night. Ground of our being and Lord of our ways: What can we do but offer worship and praise? 2. Into your world which had lost your direction, you spoke to Mary, she brought you to birth; Word of the Father, defenceless among us, Light of the world come to darkness of earth. 3. Crucified Jesus, the Light we extinguished, life of the world come to death on the tree, death could not hold you, as early that day-dawn, quietly God raised you; from death you leapt free. 4. Into our lives, in our darkness and doubting, Christ, speak your peace, give your light to our strife. Grant us the courage to live as your image, Father and Son and the Spirit of life.

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Acknowledgement: Written, with lively feedback, at a United Adoration songwriting day.