You once favoured, Lord, your people

1. You once favoured, Lord, your people, brought them to your promised land; you forgave their disobedience, hid their sin beneath your hand. You withdrew your blazing anger, you withheld your reprimand. 2. Turn once more, O God our saviour, put away your wrath and ire. Must all generations suffer? Can you not turn back your fire? Will you not once more revive us? Let us be your heart's desire. 3. Show us once again your mercy, turn, Lord, bring salvation near. Let us not return to folly; speak your peace that we may hear. Let your glory dwell among us, let your saving grace appear. 4. Here embrace God's truth and kindness, peace and justice kiss and stay. Earth and heaven both bear witness: truth and justice interplay. God will bless us, grant us harvest, plant his footsteps on our way.

Based on Psalm 85.

Suggested tune: Mannheim ("Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us").