Gracious submission

(Tune: Blessed assurance)

Verses: men Chorus: ladies 1. Gracious submission, this is God's plan: The wife should be silent, serving her man, shining his shoes and fetching a beer: this is our faith, so do it, my dear. Chorus: Gracious submission, this is my song, serving my husband all the day long. Gracious submission, this is my song, Kissing his butt and tagging along. 2. Men have decided, Scripture agrees, you should obey us, thus is God pleased. Ladies are mothers, they work in the house, serving their husbands, meek as a mouse. (Chorus) 3. Men should be leaders, those are the rules; we've studied scripture, we've biblical tools. Meek and submissive a lady should be, then she'll be almost as godly as me. (Chorus)


(P.S. for the humour-impaired: this is a spoof.)